Get the Chores in Your Apartment Done With These 3 Tips

Chore Motivation

Self-discipline and motivation have a lot to do with how organized you manage to keep your apartment. Consider the following apartment cleaning tips if your Lincoln Park apartment has been getting a little messy lately and you need some help motivating yourself to enforce a daily cleaning routine upon yourself and other members of your … [Read more...]

Have a Great Time at The Glow Run 5k

Glow Run 5K

Residents of Lincoln Park apartments can consider participating in The Glow Run 5K this August if they're looking for ways to get some exercise, socialize with their neighbors, and support a worthwhile cause this summer. The Glow Run 5K will take place on August 23 at 8:30 p.m. The event will involve a 5K race in the dark that starts and finishes at … [Read more...]

5 Unique Ideas to Keep Mind While at Shopping at The Tulsa Flea Market

Tulsa Flea Market

The Tulsa Flea Market has a long history of offerings area residents a special shopping experience with one-of-a-kind items in a friendly atmosphere. Lincoln Park residents should check out this unique Tulsa shopping destination this summer and take advantage of the unique shopping opportunities that it offers. Every Saturday, vendors from Oklahoma … [Read more...]

Workout Anytime Using Our 24 Hour Fitness Center

Lincoln Park-Tulsa

Get in shape for the summer by using our fitness center at Lincoln Park. Our affordable Tulsa apartments include access to a fitness center where you can work out at your convenience to stay in shape and prepare for swimsuit season. Residents of our Lincoln park apartment enjoy 24 hour access to the fitness center that is located at our clubhouse. Our … [Read more...]

The Free Wi-Fi in Our Common Areas Makes Staying Connected Easy

Lincoln Park Interior

For residents at Lincoln Park, it's easy to stay connected. That's because we offer free Wi-Fi in our common areas so that our residents can easily get online to surf the Web, check mail, and more! At Lincoln Park, we offer a complimentary Wi-Fi connection in areas such as our clubhouse and at our community pool. This convenient amenity is a great way … [Read more...]