Donate More Than Clothes in Tulsa


Donate old items in Tulsa!

An apartment is not the place to have clutter laying around. It gets in the way too much and makes your place seem messy and unorganized. You don’t want to keep your Lincoln Park apartment cluttered do you? However, you don’t have to throw it away! You can get rid of it in another way that will help other people and help the environment in Tulsa. You can donate your old clutter!

Clothes aren’t the only thing you can donate anymore. Your old clutter may be a hidden treasure to someone else. So why not donate them and give other people the opportunity to enjoy the objects? Here are some examples of some things that can be donated, courtesy of

  • Donate old furniture to your local high school or college. Many clubs can use them.
  • Donate office equipment by going to The website will match you up with a place to donate near Tulsa.
  • Donate leashes, water bowls, and other pet supplies to the Tulsa SPCA

For more information on what you can donate, check out the article in

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